3 Best Wall Decor ideas to redecorate your walls

Wall Decor Ideas: When I say the word "home decor", what comes to your mind? Furniture beautifully arranged? New decorative pieces in the house? New color on the walls?

Well, there are a lot of aspects of home decor, and Wall decor is an essential aspect among them because an empty wall is like an empty canvas, you need to throw some colors and do some art to make people stand and applaud for it.

Wall Decor Ideas

Here's a list of some wall decor ideas to help you make your canvas valuable:

1. Living room wall decor ideas: The first step of home decor for any beginner starts with living room decor. As its the place where visitors are most like to have a look, everybody wants their living room to appear beautiful to impress the visitors.

Its very necessary that colors of walls match the furniture around and often with wall decoration items too but its also necessary to fill the walls with the right kind of wall hangings.

Brighter colors are preferable as they generally reflect a happy vibe, and you should always go for the color, which makes you feel happy or peaceful. When the walls are painted, they shouldn't be left empty. And that is where wall decoration items play their role. Choosing wall hanging decor is quite similar to choosing the color for your walls, i.e. chose what makes you happy and feel more like home.

2. Paintings: Painting is one of the oldest art with lots of variety in it. Whether sketches or oil paintings, if drawn or painted right, it will surely touch your heart. One of the critical aspects of wall decor is to fill walls with excellent and attractive stuff, and paintings open a door for this and is a great thing to add in the list of your wall decoration items.

Now if you are someone who has a great interest in paintings, you might want to have colors of Leonardo da Vinci or Picasso or Van Gogh in your house.

Still, when it comes to decorating your home, it doesn't matter much who is the artist, but what matters is how beautiful the painting is and the kind of vibe it reflects.

A happy vibe reflecting, full of colors painting can be a perfect choice for your living room while chaotic paintings might fill your walls but will fill your head too (with thoughts).

3. Wall Hangings: Well, painting is just one branch of wall decoration items, but the tree has other branches too. Use of tapestries for wall decor can prove to be very beneficial. Tapestries like the ones which were used in the medieval or ancient era can add a touch of elegance to the home. Wooden or metal wall hangings is yet another option for wall decor.

While tapestries help you add a touch of elegance to the room, metal or wooden art helps you add natural or modern beauty to the walls.

There are a variety of products available in the market of wood or metal which can help you redesign the beauty of your walls. For example, metal automobile art or wooden clocks or wooden art, and many more.

Though the online market opens a door for you to a variety of wall decoration items, it also requires you to lighten your pocket. So DIY products can prove to be a very beneficial choice for all middle-class people for wall decor.

Tutorials on youtube and google can help you a lot in the process to decor your walls at a lesser price. But at the same time, there are certain things which you can't do it yourself, and there is where professionalism is required.

Tapestries are not a DIY thing. Though you can try to make one at home international cricket and gully cricket are two completely different things and aren't meant to be compared.

So now stand up, have a look around, get some exceptionally excellent wall decor ideas, pick some colors, wall decoration items like a wall hanging decor, and do some art and make your house, a home to feel.