Wanna Know Your Wall Hangings are made ?

I know how we feel when we buy a product that how it is made what was all the process of making this kind product well here I am to help you know how we make our products and how we assemble them.

When we talk about an amazing and unique wall hanging most of the time either it is made of metal or wood and when we get on think how it could be made with such efficiency!!! .Well we all know that these type of products are made with machine but there is one more step before we put a raw material into a machine and that is designing.

Designing is very complex but it is very interesting part too. When we sit to design a wall hanging we create imagine or take idea from some photo how we want to the product but the problem arises when we have to check that the design should not over through any cut or from any sort of important place which will create a problem in the design and then we have to check that it should have proper width from the edges so that it won’t fall of or break easily.

When we are done with designing then we put the wood in the machine and then we have to check whether the machine is aligned or not and then manually we have to align it and then only the machine will cut through the machine

The machine we use is laser cut machine it passes the laser through a tube and when the tube passes the laser then with the help of special mirror we guide the laser through with them and then with nozzle we pass through it and when the laser hit the wood or the other material it cut through it.

This is how all the most of the wall hangings are made.

Pasting wall Hangings

Through the software we make give command in computer and through that all the wall hangings are made and this is how at crafty homes we make all the wall hangings and if the hanging is in 2 piece and then we very carefully we paste the two piece with a special glue so that they cannot be separated.

When we have made the product then we pack it very carefully and then with the help of our esteemed delivery partners we deliver the product to you

Thank you for reading us and do check out our store.

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