Top 5 Home Decor Items to Give Your Homes a Complete Makeover

What makes an environment comfortable or home comfortable is how comfortable it is arranged, how comfortable it looks, and how ample is the vibe that it reflects. This is exactly where home decor items plays its role.

So here is the list of top 5 home decor items to help you decorate your new homes or to redecorate your old homes and give it a complete makeover.

Wall clocks - The best home decor items according to the changing times

Time changes so the clock should too. We often have clocks in our home just to remind us time but we never put too much thought on where should we place it. Wall clocks play an important role in decorating the walls.

There are different sizes and styles available in the market to buy according to your home dimensions and your interests. Some of them are mentioned below.

Best Designer Wall Clocks

  • Circular Clocks - The perfect fit for offices and for the study rooms.

  • Retro Wall Clock - This wall clock boasts a beautiful design along with large Roman numerals that are well-legible.

  • Metallic Wall Clock - With a metallic wall clock, you can make any space look more fashionable instantly.

  • Vintage Wall Clock - Go old-school with the vintage wall clocks that feature a world map at its center.

  • Cut Out Wall Clock - It’s time to go unconventional when decorating your house. Place a cut-out wall clock to add a quirky vibe to your living room.

  • Novelty Clocks - Express your unconventional interests and intriguing personality with a Novelty Wall Clock.

  • Printed Wall Clock - go for printed wall clocks that have interesting prints of your favorite stars on the base.

  • Eclectic Wall Clock - If you wish to level up your home décor theme, you must try an eclectic wall clock.

LED Mirrors

The most loved home decor item to Brighten you up and reflect good mood

Lighting is a very important aspect of home decor as it can control the vibe and mood of the home. Mirrors are the reflection of your home.

Check out these LED Mirrors

And mirrors can be used in multiple ways for your home decor. When you are planning to decorate your home, there are two essential ingredients, no matter space or style you’re working with: lights and mirrors.

One famous choice, of everyone now a days, is to add lights on the borders of your mirror, which can be a stylish and practical choice. But they also require a fair amount of time and resources to install. This is where an led mirrors comes into play. It’s a streamlined, two-for-one choice for vanity lighting.

Wall Hangings - To give your thoughts a creative representation

Gone are the days when paintings were left as the last option. These days wall hangings have been a highly opted home decor items. These art pieces can be a focal point of your home. These things can bring positive vibes to your home.

Decorative Wall Hangings by CraftyHomes

To get some premium looks you can also use traditional artworks. You can find the variety of wall hangings in so many different forms, some of them are -

  • Quilts: To keep you warm in winters, and also used as a bed cover. Hand-made quilts make beautiful wall arts.

  • Wood: Wooden wall hangings come in a variety of styles, sizes, finish, and type of wood. They made from wood in different shapes such as square, rectangular, or sculptured forms.

  • Metal: Metal wall art is made of abstract art types from aluminum, steel, and wrought iron to construct tangled pieces of wall art.

Flower Vase- A great essence to your homes

A vase is nothing but a home for flowers often. A flower vase is another beautiful thing to decorate your homes and fill up the empty spaces. Generally, flower vases are kept on a table or a specific stand.

The shape, size, and style of flower vase stand also help in creating a certain amount of vibe. You need to decide first the reason why you decorate your home and one of the main reasons behind why and how you decorate your home is the vibe that it reflects.

So the choice of Flower vase also depends upon the vibe that it reflects. Flower vases like orange or white give a calm and happy vibe while other colors give vibes of other kinds. The flowers are often the most beautiful thing about flower vase.

So the choice of flower type is very important or maybe the most important. Some fine choices maybe roses and orchids but seasonal flowers can be way attractive too.

Antique art pieces- The perfect choice for the millennial you

If you are an art lover or likes to have a collection of antique things then antique art pieces could be a very very good choice for you to decorate your homes. Some fine choices for painting lovers can be Van Gogh's paintings or Picasso's arts.

Antique car model collection or antique chairs can prove to be very useful for decorating your home. As palsy stone said "One should never be the oldest thing in one's house", the phrase completely defines the need of antiques in home decor items.

Some types of antique art pieces can be - antique paintings, antique bottle art, antique furniture such as chairs or tables, or any other, antique weapons, and many more.

So the home decor is not that tough. All it takes is some effort. Though there are many things that an interior designer can help you with, still there are a lot of smaller things where you do not need to put much effort and also do not need to spend much money and you can beautify your home.

Some of the home decor items are - Different lights, mirrors, and clocks, wall hangings, and many more. So go take a step and make your living room worth living. And always remember the motive i.e. 'you decor your house to make it feel like a home.' Put your heart in your home and you will have your home in your heart.