Best Home Decor Ideas to Try

Looking for home decor ideas?

"Decorating golden rule: Live with what you love." —Unknown

You keep decorating the things you love, and home decor ideas are among the few things you love. But is it so easy to decorate homes? Well, with the right ideas, I think it is. There are numerous beautiful home decor products available in the market at efficient prices.

And if you do not wish to spend, you can create your own DIY home decor items. Let's first talk about why its important to decorate your home.

If you are a student of psychology or can learn a little from Google, then you would probably know how colors and lighting affect our mood. When we watch a film, there are different lights for different scenes, and they are not chosen randomly but are often choses to raise a specific emotion in the audience's mind.

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For example, usually, movies use red or pink light romantic scenes. Happy mood scenes often have bright lighting, and sad or unhappy or tense mood scenes have dark views. So, its very important that we chose the right lights for our home.

Generally, a home should have bright lights to reflect happiness throughout the house, but if you want a specific mood for your work or anything else, you must try other respective colors.

Now lighting mostly depends on colors, and color psychology helps us understand how emotions, perception, and feelings depend on colors often. For example, Bouncers at the bar and usually bodyguards wear black because black is the color of authority, while politicians mostly wear white because white is the color of trust.

We mainly chose bright colors for functions to have a happy environment. So, if you paint your home with absolutely no sense of how the color will affect your mood for all the months and years that you will spend in there, then you might be choosing wrong colors and hence might increase the burden in your head and same with the dull or wrong lighting. And now comes the role of home decor ideas to help you live a more productive and healthy life.

"A designer knows when he has reached perfection not when there is nothing left to add but when there is nothing left to take away." —Antione de Sainte-Exupery

Now, if you can afford a designer for your home, its brilliant, but if you are like me who searches google for home decor ideas, then you might need some essential tips to decor your home and that too, which is as least expensive as it can. And here are some home decor ideas to help you out -

1. Ask Google or youtube to provide you some basic knowledge of color psychology to help you chose the right colors for your home. For example, your storeroom can have dark colors, but your study room shouldn't.

2. Lighting is essential, and you must know which part of the house requires bright light and which part requires soft lighting. For example, living rooms can have some fluorescent lighting, whereas your movie room can have mild or dim lights.

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3. Arranging furniture the right way is essential. If you want an area to be for your conversations or conferences, then the sofas or chairs must be arranged in a manner that makes it easy for everybody to match eyes with everybody else sitting there and are part of the conversation.

Before arranging the furniture, you must choose the right furniture. For example, if you have a high or more luxurious chair for you, that automatically makes you a person with more authority and is often the center of attraction whereas low height chairs make other perceptions for you as somebody with less authority and probably more comfortable to talk. Just like counselors chose their and their client's chairs wisely. (Maybe not all).

Some more exciting ideas and tips are -

1. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OPEN SHELVES ("For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another." – Andre Putman)

2. STYLE YOUR BOOKSHELF ("Never trust anyone whose TV is bigger than their bookshelf" - Emilia Clarke's father)

3. FILL YOUR WALLS WITH INSPIRING QUOTES AND PHOTO GALLERIES. ("One should never be the oldest thing in one's house." – Patsy Stone), and many more.

So why wait and think of decorating your homes or giving it a makeover. If you have some great home decor ideas, all you need are home decor products, which you can easily buy or even make your home decor items and give your house the shine you always wished.